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A fetus that has died in the mother’s womb and is born with no signs of life at or after 36 weeks’ gestation.


Term Pregnancy Management in the USA Today: Three Key Concerns

Posting #1 – “Three Things” There are three things that really bother me about the current state of affairs in the area of term pregnancy management in the USA today. These are: The failure to recognize that every term pregnancy is unique, and that broad...


New AMOR-IPAT publication: impact of the 39-week rule on term stillbirth – update

Nicholson, James M., Lisa C. Kellar, Shahla Ahmad, Ayesha Abid, Jason Woloski, Nadine Hewamudalige, Serdar Ural and Jerome Yaklic (2016). “22: Changes in the patterns and rates of term stillbirth in the USA following the adoption of the 39-week rule: a cause for concern?,” American...


Star Legacy Foundation’s 2016 Stillbirth Awareness Star Award

Dr. Nicholson was awarded the Star Legacy Foundation’s first ever Star Legacy Stillbirth Awareness Star Award at the Foundation’s 1st annual Gala held on February 13, 2016 in Eden Prairie, MN. As noted on the Foundation’s website, “The recipient of this award is someone who...


SMFM 2016 Poster Presentation

Nicholson, James M., Lisa C. Kellar, Serdar H. Ural and Jerome L. Yaklic (2016). “Increases in the Rates of Term Stillbirth in the USA Following the Adoption of the 39-Week Rule: When are the Additional Stillbirths Occurring?” Poster presented at the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine’s...


New AMOR-IPAT publication: impact of the 39-week rule on term stillbirth

Nicholson, James M. (2015). “The 39-week rule and term stillbirth: beneficence, autonomy, and the ethics of the current restrictions on early-term labor induction in the US,” BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 15(Suppl 1):A9. [Paper presented at the Stillbirth Summit 2014, Medina (Minneapolis), MN, USA, 19-20 June...


Upcoming Stillbirth Conference in Minnesota

Dr. Nicholson has been invited to present at the upcoming Star Legacy Foundation’s Stillbirth Summit 2014, 19-21 June, in Medina (Minneapolis), MN. This Summit is a major educational and networking event expected to draw more than 200 interdisciplinary professionals, advocates and families. Presenters will share...